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I help neurodivergent individuals struggling with anxiety and depression and finding it difficult to establish an authentic sense of self from continuous masking. I can also help couples improve their communication skills, address underlying issues, finding new ways to connect, understand each other better, and finding ways to have constructive disagreements. I enjoy working with people who need guidance to achieve greater fulfillment in their lives or career.


As a fellow neurodivergent- I specialize in neurodiverse populations, as I find it to support my clients with therapeutic success. You may feel unsure just by the idea of getting help for your mental health. I appreciate that you made it here! In our sessions, you must feel accepted and never judged so you can feel attentive to our sessions.

If you're interested in learning more about neurodiversity check out the articles I have published in Brainz Magazine! Click image below.-

Image by Red Zeppelin
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